The Adler HydrOlar™ Generator

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Introducing the HydrOlar Generator



Watch plain tap water EXPLODE!!

After months of doing "new house" chores, like power washing three buildings and installing underground aqueducts for my new co-generator, I have some video of the HydrOlar Generator in action.  To make it more fun, we ignite the gas it produces for a dangerously fun time for all.

Click the link for the first ever, six and a half minute video of the HydrOlar, along with my children, making plain tap water a highly volatile, explosive gas!

Or, directly from my site:
The first HydrOlar Demo Video


Because we are moving, (to Morning Wood Farm) I have not had a chance to post more about the HydrOlar generator. 
Unfortunately, it looks like it will be some time before I can get out of the deep funk of moving and get back to inventing. 
As soon as I can, I will post a few movies of the invention in action. Stay tuned! - Steve

Frequently "Axed" Questions

The HydrOlar generator produces Hydrogen and Oxygen gas from regular tap water using power from the sun.  Its microprocessor based electronics and patent pending system allows for very efficient production of these gasses by doing the least work possible for the maximum gain.  Almost no heat is generated from the process, and the voltage and amperage required for the production of OxyHydrogen gas is minimal.

How does it work?

In college, I would work in a class hard enough to get an average of 93, but no more.  Why?  Because with 93, I would get an "A": for the class.  The extra work required to earn that additional 7 points for a perfect 100 was disproportionate to the work required to get the 93, yet it would still appeared as an A on my transcript.  With the time saved not going for a score of 100, I could enjoy college life, which included a lot of drinking and sleeping late. A similar principle is performed with the HydrOlar Generator, and the result is amazingly efficient electrolysis when compared to traditional methods. 


Based loosely on work done by Stan Myer and others, the HydrOlar Generator is internally far
more sophisticated than any of its predecessors, yet still, elegantly simple in its design. 
Because of the intelligence built in to the circuitry, and a lot like I in college, it knows how to work "lazy".

More to come on this new invention shortly.

Click below to see MPG of the first, rough but working prototype tests

Test 1 9MB MPG
Test 2 14MB MPG file

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Q: What the heck does this thing do?
A: Currently, there are at least two major reasons why hydrogen is not used as a viable fuel.  One: it is costly and inefficient to produce, and Two, it is costly and inefficient to distribute. 
The purpose of the Adler HydrOlar Generator is to work towards overcoming these two important obstacles.  One, to make the electrolysis process more efficient, by using far less electricity and plain tap water rather than lots of electricity and highly purified water with an electrolyte added, and Two, to make the production of hydrogen simple enough for people to do it locally, and "on demand", so that anyone with sunlight, wind and water can make their own gas.  Why distribute tanks of hydrogen when you can produce your own?

Q: Is this a perpetual motion machine?
A: No.  While Stan Myer and others claimed that through resonant frequency, they could produce more power in hydrogen than their device consumed to make it, all of us here back on Earth knew that those pesky physical laws keep getting in the way of our brilliant ideas.  A quick study of resonant frequency shows that although cool and all, you don't earn something for nothing in terms of net work.  The HydrOlar Generator is designed to be as close to 100% efficient at turning energy into the system into usable hydrogen gas.  The moment I am able to get 101% efficiency from it, I will take down this web site, change my name and move to Utah where I will disguise myself as a Fuller brush salesman. 

Q: How does it work?
A: Very well, thank you.  Without giving away the punch line, the device works by actively and intelligently performing the smartest amount of work to the electrodes as possible to produce the most gas as possible, without working harder than it has to.  Remember, if it gets  hot, we are wasting energy!

Q: Doesn't the existence of LEDs and the other electronics take some power to run, therefore decreasing your total efficiency?
A: Yes, smart ass, but the LEDs look cool and the electronics are needed!  The truth is that I am running high impedance resistors on the LEDs and the components I am using are the most energy sipping parts I can afford.  The total power used by the HydrOlar system itself is quite insignificant, especially when compared to the power and flexibility it provides for experimentation and fine tuning.

Q: Is the device finished?
A: It works, but it is not finished. I am still optimizing both the hardware and software and I have a lot of work ahead of me before I call it finished.  I also need to do lots of testing to prove the efficiencies I claim. As you can imagine, time and money are two very limited resources for me.  I am looking for investors with money and a streak of insanity -- and people to donate things like solar cells, wind turbines, tools and other materials.  I am all set with water and sunlight.

Q: What do you do with the Hydrogen once you get it.
A: People ask me this allot. The answer is "anything".  Hydrogen is energy "currency" like cigarettes are to a prisoner.  If you have Hydrogen, it is like having pure energy.  Besides filling up very lifting and explosive balloons for birthday parties, hydrogen can be burned and even used in a fuel cell to reunite with oxygen to make electricity. 

Q: What kind of stupid name is HydrOlar?
A: How many different kinds are there?  Pronounced "Hi-droh-lar", The name is a combination of the words "Hydrogen" and "Solar".  You see "SolarGen" was taken already, so ....

Q: Are you afraid the government or an oil company is going to murder you to keep this quiet?
A: Um... not 'till I was asked this question, thanks!  I hope that this is not a problem for me, since I have three small kids, and am having a pretty good time on Earth.  All I can say in my defense so far is that the HydrOlar generator works REALLY well if you plug it in to a wall socket instead of using sunlight!  I don't think the oil companies have anything to fear in terms of selling their product except for perhaps, one day, running out of it.

Q: You are amazing Steve.  Looks and brains, really good breath!  Can I hire you to be my CIO or spearhead my growing corporation?
A: Thank you Mom!  How did you get this web address?  As for those looking to hire me, I am indeed in between "empires" right now and looking for work.  I am a self made millionaire computer guru and having sold my last company two years ago, I am presently out of work with three mouths to feed.  I would love to find an amazing company that could use a money making freak like myself to make some calculated risky decisions for the benefit of all.  Call me.  Corey Computer Consultants, Inc..  401-751-1999.


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